Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We got to visit Ariannah!

Many of you have been asking about updates from this weekend….so here ya go!
Derek and I got to spend about two hours with Ariannah. It was supposed to be longer, but we could tell she was getting sleepy and was definitely confused about who we were! The foster parents waited in the other room, so she was probably a little terrified. I think I would have been scared too if some crazy woman I didn’t know started smothering me with kisses and snapping pictures of my every move, lol.

Ariannah was beautiful. She is so much smaller when you see her in person. I guess the camera really does add ten pounds. Her hair is growing in a whole lot and the foster mother even put a little bow in it for the visit. It was precious. She is getting more teeth too. Her top front tooth is almost completely black, most likely from the drug usage her mom did while pregnant. We will take her to the dentist when she is older to see if they can buff it or fix it somehow. Kids are mean and I don’t want her to be made fun of. If they can’t fix it….it will fall out!! Either way, she is beautiful.

The visit made us more aware of how fragile she is and how far behind she is developmentally for 17 months. We have been doing a lot of research and started to find local therapist, since her ones from Indiana most likely won’t want to travel twice a week to where we are. We also got to see her feeding tube and learn a little more about how it works. It looks more intimidating than it is apparently. Ariannah didn’t crawl or babble at the visit, but like I said…she was TERRIFIED! The foster mother said once she gets comfortable she is always talking.

The nursery is almost done…pictures of that to come soon. But here are some of my favorite pictures from last weekend!


Brooke said...

Wonderful! You guys are so amazing to take on this little girl. God had you in mind just for her. It takes a exceptional kind of couple to be able to take care of a child with special needs and you are going to be wonderful for her. I cant wait until you get to bring her home so that she knows you are her Mommy and Daddy and you love her! I will keep praying that you get to have her home soon.

kalibug said...

Great pictures. I am so excited for yall! I cannot wait to see the nursery.

Kristin said...

Look at you guys!! You looks so happy! I'm so excited for you, she is precious! I hope you get to bring her home very soon.

Erin said...

She is adorable. You look right at home with her. I hope she gets to go home with you very, very soon.

Matt and Jenny said...

i was so happy to see this post! i'm so glad the visit went well. i hope it's not long now before she can come home!

oh, did you get my email for the link for my blog? i was sick the week i sent it all out so i wanted to make sure i sent one to you!

Litig8r said...

when is she coming home?